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Tax savings on death benefits

The Retirement Account pays death benefits into a tax-advantaged wrapper. So beneficiaries can take withdrawals when it suits them, or spread them over several years to save tax.

The ability to commute income guarantees to a lump sum

Income Guarantees payable on death can be commuted to lump sum, discounted to take account of early payment. This adds to the almost unlimited flexibility The Retirement Account provides for beneficiaries.

An investment fund that never falls below 80% of its highest unit price

Exclusively available with The Retirement Account, our Protected Index Portfolio can give your clients peace of mind, by providing a minimum level of protection at 80% of the highest unit price achieved.

A perfect home for defined benefit transfers

For clients looking to transfer from a defined benefit scheme, in many cases, guaranteed income can be matched with the scheme pension, with higher tax-free cash, flexible income, tailored death benefits, and even a surplus to invest in drawdown.* 

Guaranteed income you can change

With The Retirement Account, clients can reduce or even stop taking annuity income at any time, and restart it later. Surplus income stays in a tax-advantaged wrapper until needed, helping clients adapt to their changing circumstances and save tax.


Competitive annuities and drawdown

The Retirement Account may be a packaged product but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Annuity rates are comparable or better than those available in the open market, and with our competitive Drawdown charging structure, the greater the balance, the lower the aggregated charge.

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