The Retirement Account

The certainty of an annuity and the flexibility of drawdown in one simple tax-advantaged wrapper

Retirement Account fund fact sheets and performance

The Retirement Account fund range offers a choice of risk, investment styles and cost dependent on the clients’ circumstances. Any combination of funds can be selected. There’s no charge for switching between funds, and switches can be made as often as required.

A summary of how each of the funds is performing can be seen here.

Retirement Account monthly fund performance summary 

The Retirement Account has its own range of investment funds. Please select the type of fund from the various tabs to view the fund fact sheets. 

A range of retirement account funds

Active funds

Active funds are managed by a specialist investment manager, or team of specialists, who have a certain freedom over the investments they make. Investment managers use their knowledge and experience to attempt to beat the returns you could achieve by investing in a stock market index, over the long term.

Active cautious managed funds 


The Retirement Account Henderson Cautious Managed  


The Retirement Account Standard Life Investments - GARS


The Retirement Account Invesco Perpetual distribution

Active balanced managed funds

PDF-logo The Retirement Account AXA Framlington Managed Balanced
PDF-logo The Retirement Account Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio
PDF-logo The Retirement Account AXA Distribution

Active adventurous managed funds

PDF-logo The Retirement Account Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio
PDF-logo The Retirement Account Henderson Global Equity Income
PDF-logo The Retirement Account Threadneedle Managed Equity

Passive funds 

Passive funds aim to track the performance of an index, for example the FTSE 100. The investment process is largely automated and therefore less expensive, so passive funds tend to charge less.

PDF-logo The Retirement Account Cautious Index
PDF-logo The Retirement Account Balanced Index
PDF-logo The Retirement Account Adventurous Index

Protected funds 

Protected funds offer, as their name suggests, a degree of protection from the ups and downs of the stockmarket. We offer one actively-managed and one passively-managed Protected fund within The Retirement Account range.

Retirement Advantage TRA 80% Protected Index Portfolio (Morgan Stanley) - exclusive to The Retirement Account

Protected Index Portfolio fund fact sheet

For ease we have produced a handy sales aid which includes the following:

  • Further information about the fund
  • The funds protection and how this works
  • How it cushions income against market volatility
  • How the fund acts in different investment markets
  • Who should invest in this fund
  • Investment strategy and charges

Download the Protected Index Portfolio sales aid here – for advisers only

Find out more in the customer brochure

Download the Protected Index Portfolio customer brochure here

shutterstock_154138406 The Retirement Advantage Investec Multi - Asset Protector 

Cash Fund 

This fund aims to preserve capital and daily liquidity, and will typically invest in bank deposits, certificates of deposit, and other secure assets.

PDF-logo The Retirement Account Liquidity Fund  

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