Retirement Account funds

Our fund range has been designed to cater for the needs of different investors with different attitudes to risk. All the funds have a strong track record of performance in their sectors, with the potential for successful growth in the future. However, the value of investments can go down as well as up. 

They are well-known funds, widely respected by investment experts, and have clearly defined objectives that make them appropriate for a retirement income product.


Protected Index Portfolio*

Cautious Index (Vanguard)Balanced Index (Vanguard)Adventurous Index (Vanguard)
ActiveInvestec Multi-Asset ProtectorJanus Henderson Cautious ManagedAXA Framlington Managed BalancedThreadneedle Managed Equity
Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return**Jupiter Merlin Balanced PortfolioJupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio
Invesco Perpetual DistributionAXA DistributionJanus Henderson Global Equity Income
CashInsight Liquidity

Retirement Advantage 80% Protected Index Portfolio 

Exclusive to The Retirement Account - This fund offers your clients the opportunity for investment growth whilst providing a degree of protection on their money. Our dedicated Protected Index Portfolio page provides all the information your require for you and your client and includes:

Find out more about The Protected Index Portfolio fund

We also provide a daily Protected Index Portfolio fund report

Protected Index Portfolio daily fund report

We have selected the range of funds for The Retirement Account in consultation with Square Mile, a respected independent investment consulting and research organisation based in the City of London


Square Mile’s team of investment analysts is one of the strongest and most respected in the UK. Their focus is investment research, meeting fund managers to understand how those managers work, how they think and how they react to markets. 

Each of our funds has been selected by Square Mile for its ability to meet agreed investment objectives, its value for money and its investment performance. Funds are constantly monitored to ensure that they continue to provide investors with the best opportunity to meet their long term objectives, with changes made if necessary.

Over 1500 companies and businesses make use of Square Mile’s research, including financial advisers, life assurance companies and investment fund platforms. Source: Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research


*Protected Index Portfolio – This fund makes use of a derivative which is a more complex investment. It is important that investors understand the additional risk in adverse market conditions.

**This fund was launched on the 14/08/2017 - so there is no past performance information available. To ensure you have an understanding of how the underlying fund has performed in the past here is a link to the Columbia Threadneedle factsheet. Please note that this fact sheet is for reference only and the asset allocation, charges and performance of the Retirement Account fund may differ.

The value of investments may go down as well as up. Taking income or withdrawals in excess of fund growth may result in the fund running out quicker than expected. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future. Inflation will reduce how much the Fund is worth in real terms and inflation will reduce how much your income is worth over the years. It is essential to seek advice from a suitably qualified adviser. In respect of the Guaranteed Annuity, inflation may reduce how much your income is worth over the years.

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