Retirement Account funds

The Retirement Account offers a diverse range of funds conveniently graded by risk, so you can build a portfolio to suit most retirees with ease. The range includes active, passive and protected options, including a set of risk-targeted funds which consistently track your chosen Dynamic Planner (DT) rating.

Funds are selected for their ability to meet agreed investment objectives, value for money, investment performance and to help protect retirees from the risks associated with investing while drawing an income in retirement. A strict governance process exists which means advisers can be confident in the quality and ongoing management of the funds.


Protected Index Portfolio*

Cautious Index (Vanguard)Balanced Index (Vanguard)Adventurous Index (Vanguard)
ActiveInvestec Multi-Asset ProtectorCanlife TRA Managed (0%-35% Shares)**AXA DistributionCanlife TRA Portfolio 7**
Canlife TRA Portfolio 3**AXA Framlington Managed BalancedJanus Henderson Global Equity Income
Canlife TRA Portfolio 4**Canlife TRA Managed (40%-85% Shares)**Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio
Invesco Perpetual DistributionCanlife TRA Portfolio 5**Threadneedle Managed Equity
Janus Henderson Cautious ManagedCanlife TRA Portfolio 6**
Threadneedle Dynamic Real ReturnJupiter Merlin Balanced
CashInsight Liquidity

Retirement Advantage 80% Protected Index Portfolio 

Exclusive to The Retirement Account - This fund offers your clients the opportunity for investment growth whilst providing a degree of protection on their money. Our dedicated Protected Index Portfolio page provides all the information your require for you and your client and includes:

Find out more about The Protected Index Portfolio fund

We also provide a daily Protected Index Portfolio fund report

Protected Index Portfolio daily fund report

Performance information including fund fact sheets

Performance information including fund fact sheets

Find out more
Investment fund summary - customer guide

Investment fund summary - customer guide

Fund range and investment proposition - advisers

Fund range and investment proposition - advisers


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