Our KFI Generator

Our KFI Generator allows you to create KFIs which are tailored to your client and their needs. 

  • Our underwriting criteria is written into the KFI Generator, which means that you can check whether we'd accept your client's property based on its postcode.
  • You can create multiple KFIs for each client, to compare products or product features.
  • If a lifetime mortgage application has been submitted to us, you can use the Document Library to view the Application Form, Valuation Report and Offer Letter. 
  • You can use our online case tracking tool to find out which stage of the process your client's application is currently at.
  • You can create 'Amended KFIs', which means that if your client wants to change any aspect of their lifetime mortgage when they've submitted an application, you can log in and submit an updated KFI.
  • The system retains your client details, so if you have a client who is delaying making a decision, you'll be able to access their details at a later date. 
  • If you have an administrator, you can request that they have read-only access to your account. This means they can track your cases and ensure you have copies of the required documentation.
  • The KFI Generator is available 24/7, so you can access it outside of office hours at a time which is convenient to you.

To log-in to the Retirement Advantage KFI Generator, please click here.

Please note:

  • The KFI Generator is only available to advisers who are registered with Retirement Advantage Equity Release. To register for our KFI Generator, please complete and return our Firm Registration Form
  • If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
  • Before using our KFI Generator, please make yourself familiar with our products.
  • If you have any queries while using the KFI Generator, please contact our Adviser Support team on 0800 068 0212.

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