Retirement Advantage products

The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account combines a Guaranteed Annuity, Pension Savings and Pension Drawdown, all held within a single tax-advantaged wrapper written under Pension Drawdown rules.

Guaranteed Annuity

This annuity provides a regular guaranteed income for life. The income paid takes account of an individual’s demographic, lifestyle and medical situation.

Important note: Our standalone Guaranteed Annuity will shortly be closing to new business – Find out more 

Flexible Income Annuity

An investment-linked annuity which provides flexibility to change income levels at different stages of retirement, a minimum income guarantee and the potential for income growth. 

Important note: The Flexible Income Annuity is now closed to new business - Find out more

Equity Release - Lifestyle Options

Our Lifestyle Options provide a tax-free lump sum. Your customer doesn't have to make any payments on the amount that they release. Instead, the interest is added to the mortgage balance each month for the duration of the mortgage. The interest rate is fixed for the mortgage term.

Equity Release - Interest Select Options

Our Interest Select Options provide a tax-free lump sum. Unlike our Lump Sum Options, Interest Select has been developed for customers who wish to release equity but who are able to pay either some, or all, of the interest each month. This means that they can avoid the impact of interest roll-up.

Equity Release - Voluntary Select Options 

Our Voluntary Select Options provide a tax-free lump sum. They offer your customers flexibility and choice, and allows them to repay up to 15% of the initial loan amount each year, without an early repayment charge. 

Equity Release - Second Home Options 

Our Second Home Options can be secured on your customer's Second Home property. Like our Landlord Options, there are a number of options in this range, allowing your customer to choose whether they want to make interest payments, capital and interest payments, or let the interest roll-up

Buy-to-Let - Over 55 Buy-to-Let Mortgage 

Our Over 55 Buy-to-Let Mortgages are secured on Buy-to-Let properties. This means Landlords can access some of the wealth tied up in their property portfolio, without having to sell a property. There are two options in this range, allowing your customer to choose whether they want to make capital and interest payments, or let the interest roll-up. 

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