Doing business with us

To register with us, you need to complete our Firm Registration Form. This should be completed by somebody who has authority to sign documents on behalf of your company. If you are registering a Network, you will need to complete our Network Registration Form. You can find these forms in our document library

When you register with us, you will need to provide evidence that each adviser you register is qualified to give equity release advice. We will accept:

  • A copy of an exam certificate or exam statement from the IFS or CII.
  • A copy or screen print of a learning statement from the IFS or CII. 
  • A letter or email from Compliance, HR, or a Director of the firm, confirming they are satisfied that the adviser holds the equity release qualification. This should be provided on letterheaded paper or from a company email address, and include the signatory's job title.

To obtain a learning statement from the CII or LIBF, log on to either or

Your completed registration form, and evidence of adviser qualifications, should be returned to us via:


Fax: 020 7681 1638

Post: Retirement Advantage, 110 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6EU

If you have any queries, please call our Adviser Support team on 0800 068 0212.

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