Equity Release overview

Our award-winning lifetime mortgages have been designed with your clients in mind, and can be tailored to suit their individual needs. 

Lifestyle Options

Our Lifestyle Options have been developed for customers who want a high loan-to-value or a low interest rate. These products are traditional roll-up lifetime mortgages with no payments due. The interest rate is fixed from the outset, and customers receive a one-off, tax free lump sum to use as they wish. No cashback is available

Interest Select Options

Our Interest Select Options have been designed to overcome customer concerns about the impact of interest roll-up. Unlike traditional roll-up Lifetime Mortgages, Interest Select has been developed for customers who wish to release equity but who are able to pay either some, or all, of the interest. There are no affordability assessments.

You can choose to add a cash reserve facility to this product, or take cashback. 

Product overviews


Download our product overview to compare our criteria across the product range and our product At A Glance to compare rates and LTVs.

Voluntary Select Options

Our Voluntary Select Options have been designed to offer your customers flexibility and choice. Whereas the payments made under our Interest Select Options are fixed and routine, the Voluntary Select Options allow your customer to make a voluntary contribution of their choosing each year.

You can choose to add a cash reserve facility to this product. 

Additional Borrowing

Your customer can take additional borrowing on any of our lifetime mortgages. They can choose to add a cash reserve facility at the outset or take a further advance at a later date.

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