Equity Release Online Application System

Have you tried our online application system?

We've launched an online application system which is designed to be straightforward and easy to use.

How to access the online application system

  • Simply log in to the KFI Generator using your existing log-in details
  • When you've generated a KFI, an 'Apply Online' button will appear next to it 
  • From there, just follow the steps on each page

You can access the KFI Generator here


Key features

  • The information you key in is auto-saved, but you can also choose to press ‘Save’ at each stage of the form.
  • If you start an application but do not finish it, you can log out of the system and resume completing the form at any time.
  • Tooltips are provided to give more information about our underwriting criteria.
  • You can generate a PDF version of the application at any point.
  • Once you have started an application (and before you submit it), you can switch the KFI it is linked to without starting a new application.
  • If you submit a partially completed application form, our Applications team will email you after receipt for the outstanding information. Please note, this may delay the valuation being instructed.
  • You can submit an application to us so long as you have permission from the client. They do not need to sign the application form.
  • The status indicators will show you if you have completed all of the mandatory questions.
  • An administrator for the adviser can key in the information using their own log in details. The adviser will just need to log in to tick the final box and submit the application.
  • The declaration tick boxes must be ticked in order to submit an application.
  • You can complete the form how you wish. You can fill half of it in online with the rest completed by hand, or you can complete it all online.

Please note, you can still submit emails to us by post (Retirement Advantage, 110 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6EU) or by email (er-applications@retirementadvantage.com) if you prefer.

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