Guaranteed Annuity

The Retirement Advantage Guaranteed Annuity helps secure a regular guaranteed income for life. The income paid takes account of an individual's demographic, lifestyle and medical situation. 

What’s more, not only can it provide a guaranteed lifetime income, but it also offers an extensive range of death benefits

  • Guarantee periods up to 30 years - You can now select any guaranteed period between 1-30 years (in one year increments).
  • Value protection up to 100% - You can also choose to add 100% value protection or select any percentage up to 100. What’s more, this is available throughout life (not just to age 75).

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And don’t forget, our annuity is now available for healthy lives, not just for people with medical conditions or who lead a lifestyle that may shorten their life expectancy.

However, checking whether your client has any medical conditions can prove to be very worthwhile, as even mild health conditions can result in a higher retirement income. 


Why an annuity when your client can have a Retirement Account Annuity?

If your client is thinking of buying a Guaranteed Annuity then why not consider taking it through The Retirement Account? It offers the same rates as the standalone Retirement Advantage Guaranteed Annuity.

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