Guaranteed Annuity - Income for life, money back on death

Our Guaranteed Annuity now offers ‘money-back’ options.  New legislation introduced in April 2015 allowed us to fix a major concern with annuities. Now, as well as providing the reassurance of a guaranteed income for life the annuity can also provide a ‘money-back’ guarantee on death via either:

  • longer guarantee periods up to 30 years (in one year increments), or
  • value protection (up to 100%).

And don’t forget that tax changes mean that beneficiaries may pay lower tax on that death benefit (or no tax at all if death occurs before age 75).

It’s not all about the income any more. Due to the flexibility of the new death benefits it’s important to compare the two in tandem. To help you do so we have provided a calculator where you can input income levels based on various guarantee periods. The calculator:

  1. Clearly shows the difference in income, and
  2. Highlights what would happen if a client died in the early years of the annuity.

 It should be a useful tool to use with customers to bring home the importance of longer guarantee periods.

Download the Annuity calculator


Why an annuity when your client can have a Retirement Account Annuity?

If your client is thinking of buying a Guaranteed Annuity then why not consider taking it through The Retirement Account? It offers the same rates as the standalone Retirement Advantage Guaranteed Annuity.

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View our sales aids to support the new death benefit options (quick download - select the relevant image).

Leaving a legacy for loved ones

This sales aid looks at typical income levels for a range of guarantee periods together but highlights the importance of weighing up the income against what is paid on death.