Landlord Options

Release cash tax free from Buy to Let properties

Unlike traditional Lifetime Mortgages where the loan is secured on the main residence, our Landlord Options are secured on a Buy to Let property. They allow Landlords to release cash from their property tax free, leaving their entire portfolio intact. Your customer's can choose to make interest payments, capital and interest payments or let the interest roll-up. There are no affordability assessments on any of the options.

There are three options in our product range:

  • Landlord Lifestyle

Your customer will receive a one-off lump sum and no payments are due. The interest is added to the loan each month for the life of the loan.

  • Landlord Interest Select 

Your customer can choose to service some or all of the interest. The payment amount can be between 50% and 100%, and the payment term can be from 5 years to the full term of the loan. Once the payment terms have been agreed at the outset, they can't be amended - they can only be cancelled. 

  • Landlord Voluntary Select

Your customer can choose to repay up to 10% of the loan each year, without incuring an early repyament charge. An unlimited number of voluntary contributions can be made, with a minimum contribution amount of £50. Contributions can be made by cheque, BACs transfer, debit card or standing order.

How do we define a Buy to Let property?

A Buy to Let property is a property that:

  • The owner does not occupy
  • Is let out with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) in place

Our Landlord Options product features:

  • The interest rate is fixed from the outset.
  • Customers can release between £10,000 and £750,000
  • Fixed early repayment charges. Our Landlord Options have fixed early repayment charges. They are 5% of the initial loan amount for the first five years, 3% for years 5 to 8, and 0% from year 9 onwards.
  • No affordability assessments or minimum income requirements. Whether your customer chooses to make interest payments, capital and interest payments, or simply let the interest roll-up, we won't carry out any affordability assessments.
  • Regulation. The majority of our Landlord Options are unregulated. There are two different types of mortgages for Buy to Let properties: ‘Buy to Let’ is used to describe most mortgages on properties that are let out. These are not regulated by the FCA. ‘Consumer Buy to Let’ is used to describe mortgages on properties that have been inherited or were previously the owners’ main residence. These are regulated by the FCA. The Buy to Let mortgages we offer can be used for either scenario. 

    We have chosen to present the information we provide about these products in the same format as our regulated products.

You can find out more about how the products work, as well as the product features, in our At A Glance Landlord Options Guide.

Interest rates

Product Monthly interest rate (MER) Annual interest rate (AER)
Landlord Interest Select 6.07% 6.24%
Landlord Lifestyle 6.26%  6.44%
Landlord Voluntary Select 6.45% 6.64%


Our maximum LTV is 34%. You can find our LTV tables here.