Buy-to-Let Case Studies

Our innovative new Over 55 Buy-to-Let Options allow your clients to release equity from their Buy-to-Let property. To help you have a better conversation with your landlord clients, we've created a range of worked examples (for adviser use) that demonstrate how your clients could benefit from our new product range.

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Read how Maria funded her long term care and avoided selling her family home...

Maria moved out of her primary residence in May 2013 and has been living in residential care since then.

Her primary residence has been rented out since April 2014 with a 12 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement in place.

She needs to raise some capital to pay for her care, but does not want to sell her property.

Read how an Over 55 Buy-to-Let Mortgage helped Maria to her long term care through her income generating buy-to-let property here.

Read how James and Sophia helped their grandchildren on to the property ladder...

James and Sophia wanted to gift each of the grandchildren money to help them put down a deposit. 

They have seen the value of their buy-to-let property grow signifiantly over 25 years and they've paid their original mortgage off over that term. The property is now valued at £550,000. 

Read how an Over 55 Buy-to-Let Mortgage helped The Alexanders to gift £148,000 to their grandchildren here.

Read how Ben boosted his retirement income on his Buy-to-Let property...

Ben has an outstanding loan of £100,000, which is on an interest only basis.

Now that Ben has retired, he would like to stop making the interest payments on the loan and boost his day-to-day spending budget.

Read how an Over 55 Buy-to-Let Mortgage helped Ben retain ownership of his property whilst boosting his retirement income.

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