Quote System and Dashboard introduction

To help you generate quotes quickly and easily for your clients, we’ve created a new Quote System and Dashboard for The Retirement Account. 

The quote system is designed to take advantage of The Retirement Account’s unique structure and offers a host of benefits to make your life easier. 

What’s more, the Dashboard makes it easy to view the status of complete and incomplete quotes and applications, so you have real time tracking of your documents. 

You can directly input your client’s medical details and instantly check drawdown balances of live accounts at any time. 

In short, here’s how it will make your life so much easier. 

  • Create, store and easily find quotes and illustrations
  • Track the status of all your complete and incomplete quotes, applications in progress and active accounts online
  • Create multiple quotes to illustrate different scenarios to your clients without re-inputting their data
  • Recall previous quotes and obtain updated rates
  • Adjust the split between Guaranteed Annuity, Pensions Savings and Pension Drawdown

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Want to know more about The Retirement Account?

For further information about The Retirement Account and how it can be tailored to suit your clients retirement needs, take a look at our videos.  

Included are 6 bite-size videos featuring our Pension Technical Director, Andrew Tully. He talks through the benefits of blending annuities and drawdown and how The Retirement Account could be the home for final salary scheme transfers.   

The Retirement Account videos

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