The Retirement Account

The certainty of an annuity and the flexibility of drawdown in one simple tax-advantaged wrapper

Our investment proposition

The Retirement Account offers a diverse range of funds conveniently graded by risk, so you can build a portfolio to suit most retirees with ease. The range includes active, passive and protected options, including a set of risk-targeted funds which consistently track your chosen Dynamic Planner (DT) rating.

Funds are selected for their ability to meet agreed investment objectives, value for money, investment performance and to help protect retirees from the risks associated with investing while drawing an income in retirement. A strict governance process exists which means advisers can be confident in the quality and ongoing management of the funds.

Funds managed by Canada Life Investments

Before Canada Life Investments' funds are launched they have a ‘fit for purpose test’ to ensure they meet all the investment, operational, governance and compliance standards that Canada Life Investments' set. On an ongoing basis all of the funds in the range are monitored by Canada Life Investments to ensure they continue to meet the expected standards.

Performance of the funds is monitored regularly to ensure reasons for poor performance are understood and that funds are being managed in line with reasonable policyholder expectations. For the risk-targeted Portfolios (3 to 7) additional monitoring is undertaken to ensure that the asset allocation remains within the parameters set for each risk level by Dynamic Planner.

All other Retirement Account funds

All other funds within The Retirement Account follow a strict governance process with on-going monitoring taking place between Retirement Advantage (RA) and Square Mile (SM) Investing and Research Consultancy.

The Investment Oversight Committee (which comprises representatives from both RA and SM) meets monthly to review the performance of the funds with an in-depth analysis of each fund taking place quarterly. Should a fund become a cause for concern and remain so it may result in a recommendation to remove the fund from the range. An abstract of the minutes from the monitoring meetings together with a quarterly report and Macroeconomic review is published on our website quarterly.

Further information can be found in The Retirement Account - Fund range and investment proposition booklet


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