The Retirement Account

The certainty of an annuity and the flexibility of drawdown in one simple tax-advantaged wrapper

The Retirement Account - sales aids

Our handy sales aids cover a range of information about The Retirement Account (download links to each below).

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The Retirement Account Canada Life Investment risk-targeted funds sales aid is now available to download

Our new Retirement Account Canlife TRA Managed (0% - 35% Shares) fund sales aid is now available to download 

Protected Index Portfolio sales aids

Exclusive to The Retirement Account - This fund offers your clients the opportunity for investment growth whilst providing a degree of protection on their money. 

Find out more on our dedicated webpage

Factsheet: Pension death benefits 

This factsheet considers the rules surrounding pension death benefits and the areas which need to be considered as part of the planning process. 

Factsheet: Death benefits - The Retirement Account

The general rules surrounding pension death benefits and the areas which need to be considered as part of the planning process - specifically at the benefits payable through The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account overview

An overview of The Retirement Account summarised within a convenient two page document.

A better Guaranteed Annuity

A Retirement Account annuity provides significant advantages over a conventional annuity.

Pension Drawdown with guarantees  

The Retirement Account (TRA) may be the ideal solution for clients who wish to place all or some of their funds in drawdown, but who are concerned about stockmarket volatility and capital preservation.

Sequence of returns risk

Retirees who are taking income and who experience negative or lower than expected returns early in retirement risk running out of money. 

Technical summary

Key information about The Retirement Account including: Age limits, Product charges, Adviser fees and other key product information.

A natural home for final salary scheme transfers

A Final Salary (defined benefits) pension scheme offers very generous benefits. It will be in the best interests of most people to keep their money in the scheme. But not always...

Who is The Retirement Account for?

The Retirement Account is so flexible that it suits almost anyone at retirement.  

Dependant's income or long-term guarantee period? 

How to compare these two annuity death benefit options.

Lifetime allowance and benefit crystallisation events

A technical factsheet that tells you all you need to know about the lifetime allowance.

Lifetime allowance and The Retirement Account

This factsheet considers the interaction of the lifetime allowance with The Retirement Account and provides examples of how utilising an annuity as an asset of a drawdown plan could save tax for those close to, or exceeding, their LTA.

Mortality cross subsidy

Why an annuity gets better with age...


Minimise tax liability for beneficiaries

The Retirement Account provides death benefits in a generous and tax efficient way. 


Reinvesting guaranteed income in Pension Drawdown

The Retirement Account allows you to start, stop or reduce the guaranteed income you take thereby enabling tax liability to be controlled.

Retirement Advantage Financial strength

A summary of our financial strength and company accounts, including a brief history of Retirement Advantage. 

It's not all about the rate... 

Buying an annuity in The Retirement Account can generate huge tax savings. 

Fund range and investment proposition

The fund range The Retirement Account has been carefully selected in consultation with Square Mile. 



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