The Retirement Account

The certainty of an annuity and the flexibility of drawdown in one simple tax-advantaged wrapper

What is The Retirement Account?

Find out more about our new kind of retirement income product.

The Retirement Account is a new kind of retirement income product specifically designed, after consultation with financial advisers and consumers, to take advantage of the new world of pension freedoms. 

The Retirement Account combines Pension Savings (uncrystallised), Guaranteed Annuity, Pension Drawdown and a Cash Account, all held within a single tax-advantaged wrapper written under Drawdown rules.

What is The Retirement Account

Who is The Retirement Account for?

The Retirement Account’s flexibility and unique income tax planning features mean that is suitable for all clients who want to take advantage of the pension freedoms. Even for customers who require a guaranteed income, it offers major advantages compared to traditional annuity products.

How can clients use The Retirement Account?

Once a client transfers their pension pot(s) into The Retirement Account, they can choose to invest their money in Pension Savings (uncrystallised), Pension Drawdown and/or buy a Guaranteed Annuity. To provide maximum flexibility, income can be reduced, stopped and started again at any time to suit changing income needs and for ‘in retirement’ tax planning.

Mostly Guaranteed Annuity

Mostly Pension Drawdown

An individually tailored blend

A stable, Guaranteed Annuity income for life, with a small pot tucked away in Drawdown as a nest egg and for unforeseen expenses. Flexible income, access to cash, and growth potential from Pension Drawdown, plus a small guaranteed income to cover essential living costs. Any blend of Annuity and Drawdown can be selected, giving clients total flexibility for income and tax planning.
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