Retirement income

Your clients have even more choice and flexibility about what happens to their pension pot than ever before and at Retirement Advantage we offer a full range of retirement income products, to suit your clients retirement needs - including our blended solution product The Retirement Account. 

The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account addresses the needs and demands of your clients at retirement by combining a Guaranteed Annuity, a Pension Drawdown and Pension Savings, all held within a single tax-advantaged wrapper written under Pension Drawdown rules.

The Retirement Account will deliver all this in one simple product. One account, one illustration, one application form, one set of charges, one annual report and complete flexibility.  

To make it even easier, you can now use our Retirement Account quote system and dashboard - Find out more by watching our video or alternatively, request your log on details 

Guaranteed Annuity

This annuity provides a regular guaranteed income for life. The income paid takes account of an individual’s demographic, lifestyle and medical situation.

Flexible Income Annuity

An investment-linked annuity which provides flexibility to change income levels at different stages of retirement, a minimum income guarantee and the potential for income growth.