The Retirement Account

The certainty of an annuity and the flexibility of drawdown in one simple tax-advantaged wrapper

The Retirement Account for SIFA Advisers

Now available to SIFA advisers, The Retirement Account provides a retirement solution that helps clients take full advantage of the new pension freedoms. 

There's a Guaranteed Annuity element, a Pension Drawdown element and a cash account. There's one account, one illustration, one application form, one set of charges, one annual report and complete flexibility all in an integrated tax-advantaged wrapper written under drawdown rules.

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Below we have provided additional information about The Retirement Account from the benefits it can provide, to how it has been designed with advisers in mind.

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The Retirement Account adviser video

What is The Retirement Account?

Find out more about our new kind of retirement income product. 

Benefits at a glance

Overview of The Retirement Account benefits.


Flexibility of income 

Total income flexibility for today's retirees.

Reinvesting guaranteed income in Pension Drawdown

Re-directing Guaranteed income to Pension Drawdown or the Cash Account. 

Lock-in guaranteed income

Securing more guaranteed income in later life.   

Comprehensive death benefits

The Guaranteed Annuity and Pension Drawdown can provide valuable death benefits.  

Minimise tax liability for beneficiaries

Phase withdrawals over time could avoid exceeding thresholds such as higher tax band. 

Your life made simple

The Retirement Account has been designed with advisers in mind. 

Our investment proposition

The fund range for the Pension Drawdown element of The Retirement Account. 

Who is The Retirement Account for?

The Retirement Account is so flexible that it suits almost anyone at retirement.

Retirement Account technical summary

Key information regarding age limits, fees, charges and other important information about The Retirement Account.  

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