SimplyBiz - The Flexible Income Annuity

For SimplyBiz Group advisers only

Please note that the Flexible Income Annuity is now closed to new business.

Advisers with the SimplyBiz Group can now access five Verbatim funds within the Flexible Income Annuity from Retirement Advantage and eight other world class passive and active funds (available to existing policyholders only).

What your clients can expect from our Flexible Income Annuity (available to existing policyholders only):

  1. A regular income for life that has the potential to grow.
  2. A starting income up to 20% higher than a level conventional annuity or typically 40% higher if your client qualifies for enhanced terms.
  3. Choice of income level available (between 50% to 120% of a level conventional annuity) at different stages of retirement.
  4. Income is fixed for three-year periods (unless your client wants to change it).
  5. Clients can move to a fixed-income basis if they decide at a later point that they no longer have an appetite for investment risk.
  6. Minimum income guarantee that can be relied on from day one.
  7. Simple range of outstanding investment funds to choose from, all monitored by Morningstar OBSR, catering for all risk appetites and including a protected option.
  8. Your clients can make sure their loved ones are provided for with death benefits (including a value protection option).
  9. Exceptional levels of customer service from a provider who will be in regular contact to keep you and your clients informed every step of the way.
  10. The benefit of mortality cross subsidy. Your clients will receive lifetime bonuses which get bigger the older your client gets. This could be as much as 1.5% for those in their mid 70s.

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