New events: Navigating Volatile Markets

Preparing Your Drawdown Clients for Crashes and Corrections

We have already seen a significant stockmarket correction in 2018, but many experts believe that assets are still over-valued. That could mean an even more dramatic downturn, possibly within the next 12 months.

Your retired clients in drawdown need their capital and income to be protected - whilst retaining the potential for long term growth.

At these nation-wide CPD qualifying seminars (2 hours structured) you’ll have the chance to hear and question experts from Retirement Advantage, Canada Life Investments and Investec Asset Management.

They’ll provide insight into market corrections and crashes; how assets behave in these conditions, the challenges posed to your clients and ideas on how you can mitigate these risks - helping clients remain calm and avoid short term thinking in such stressful markets.


  • how market crashes and corrections work (and how they recover)
  • how different asset classes behave in volatile conditions
  • why crashes are particularly bad for people in retirement
  • how to use protected and cautious multi-asset funds to protect clients
  • what to say to clients to maintain calm and avoid
    short term thinking

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