Protected Index Portfolio videos

Investment growth potential with 80% capital protection and built-in volatility control

The Protected Index Portfolio (PIP) fund aims to limit investment risk by ensuring that the investment can never fall below 80% of the highest unit price the fund has achieved, with built in volatility control at 8% or below. 

Our range of 7 bite size videos below look at the various aspects of this fund, and we also have the entire set in one handy video.  

Want to find out more about the Protected Index Portfolio fund? Our dedicated webpage includes further information about the fund, sale aids and brochures - Visit the Protected Index Portfolio webpage 

Protected Index Portfolio introduction (Advisers only)

An introduction to our exclusive fund to The Retirement Account from Peter Carter 

How 80% protection works (Advisers only)

Find out how the unit price never falls below 80% of the highest ever price the fund achieved. 

PIP's volatility control (Advisers only)

Further information about the built-in volatility control mechanism to smooth return across retirement 

PIP in the real world (Advisers only)

Examples of the PIP fund performance against the FTSE, using historical investment data to back test performance. 

3 features of the PIP fund (Advisers only)

Peter Carter explains the 3 key features of the Protected Index Portfolio fund (PIP)

How PIP is constructed (Advisers only)

Learn how the PIP fund is constructed of a Risk asset, Put option and a Cash buffer. 

Protection against cashlock (Advisers only)

An explanation of how the PIP's protection works compared to other protected funds.

Detailed explanation of the PIP fund (Advisers only)

All of the details you need to know about the PIP in one video from Peter Carter. 

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