Home Truths videos

Home Truths videos

It's time for some Home Truths

The preconceptions and biases we hold have a huge influence on the decisions we make every day, and this is no different when it comes to making choices about retirement planning. Our new property and pensions report Home Truths found that being able to understand how clients think and behave can lead to more productive conversations about using property wealth in retirement. 

Take a look at our series of Home Truths videos, delivered by Chris Evans (Retirement Advantage's Chief Executive), Alice Watson (Head of Marketing, Equity Release) and Tom Evans (Managing Director, Equity Release) to discover more about the 5 Steps to a Better Conversation we've set out to help you give better advice. 

We'll be releasing a new step each day this week, so check back for the next video in the series!

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Home Truths - An Overview

In a changing financial world, we need to change the way we think about retirement wealth

Step 2 - Mind Your Language

How does the way you talk to your clients affect their decision-making?

Step 4 - Show Them How It's Done

The way we think is heavily influenced by the people around us, and your client's financial decisions are too

Step 1 - It's Never Too Early To Start!

Better conversations about retirement planning start long before the age of 60

Step 3 - Know Your Client

Understanding your client before they walk through the door can help you provide better advice

Step 5 - Tackle The Inheritance Myth

Is leaving a property as inheritance always the best way to pass on wealth to family?

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