Investment videos

Investment videos

Richard Romer-Lee spoke at our conference - The future of retirement planning. Richard from Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research covered some interesting points around investments and we are pleased to share these bite-sized videos with you. 

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Richard Romer-Lee - Investment priorities in retirement
Richard Romer-Lee speaks about Income security vs flexibility, will my money run out before I die? 

Richard Romer-Lee - Criteria for selecting funds
How we thought about the needs of clients & advisers, whilst thinking about the investment choices of The Retirement Account

Richard Romer-Lee - How the funds are selected
Richard provides more information regarding Square Mile's team and how they find the right funds for Retirement Advantage. 

Richard Romer-Lee - The menace of volatility
The effect of volatility pre and post retirement, pound cost ravaging, sequence of returns risk.

Richard Romer-Lee - A robust governance process
Reviewing the governance Retirement Advantage follow for The Retirement Account and how this can provide peace of mind. 

Richard Romer-Lee - Conclusion
The robust governance and research process that sits behind the investments choice in The Retirement Account 

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