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Peter Carter - Product & Marketing Director at Retirement Advantage

Peter's presentation at our Drawdown Strategies conference looks at the new, original research and financial modelling data which was used to analyse five widely used methods of using pension drawdown.

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Andrew Tully - Pensions Technical Director at Retirement Advantage

Andrew's presentation looks at the new pension freedoms and how Retirement Advantage have met today’s retiree’s needs, highlighted in our latest research - our innovative blended solution - The Retirement Account.

Along with the rest of Andrew's videos, you can find out more about The Retirement Account by selecting the button below. 

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Richard Romer-Lee - Managing Director, Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research

Richard looks at the requirements of investors in retirement - sustainable regular income & flexibility, and how Retirement Advantage are meeting these needs with The Retirement Account. 

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Nigel Waterson - Chairman, Equity Release Council 

Nigel highlights the missed opportunity for 10,000 advisers who hold the relevant equity release qualifications, whose clients own their home - and highlights the potential to use their housing wealth for retirement. 

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