Our Culture

We refer to our values as the 3 Rs” – they reflect how we approach our work and how we interact with our colleagues and customers every day. Our values are very important to us and even make up a part of our yearly bonus.

Whatever we do, we keep the "3 Rs" firmly in mind. As our core values they guide our work, shape our behaviour, keep us focussed and help us provide the highest possible standards of service.

We strive to be:


We have clear objectives and act decisively with confidence. We aim to do things right – first time. But if we do make a mistake, we’ll admit it promptly and try our best to put it right. We are sincere, support each other, stick to our promises and meet our deadlines.


We believe that innovation is a necessity. We understand that today’s retirees are very different from those of even the very recent past. Much younger in outlook, they’re restless themselves, so at the very least we need to keep up with their requirements.


We’re always mindful of our responsibilities to our customers. We do everything we can to ensure they get the best from our combined skills. We use these skills to deliver excellent customer service and ensure we make good on our promises.