Customer charter

Our commitment to you…

Our customer charter explains the standard of service you can expect every time you deal with Retirement Advantage and what will happen if we ever fall short of the standards we’ve set:

  • Simplicity. We won’t confuse you with jargon or make it difficult for you to deal with us. 
  • Straight talking. We’ll be open and transparent and keep you informed at all times.
  • Keeping promises. If we say we’re going to do something we will. If we need more time to do it, we’ll explain why.
  • Putting things right. If we do get it wrong at any time, we’ll always apologise and make amends quickly.

And if we fail to meet our promises…

If you ever feel we’ve let you down, we’ll give you £25. No questions. No quibble. No fuss.

To download our Customer charter click here.