Find an Adviser

Why you can’t buy directly from Retirement Advantage

We believe everyone should seek help from a professional. That’s why we only make our services available via independent companies who can help you make the right decisions.

Help to decide what to do with your pension savings

You’re entitled to a free guidance session under a new service created by the Government called Pension Wise. You should take advantage of this, but we believe most people will still require the additional services of a retirement specialist.

To find a retirement specialist, there are directories that are free to use and will display a list of firms that can help you. Do bear in mind that there are two types of support: ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’. Click here to find out more.

The Pick-A directory includes firms that offer ‘advice’ and firms that can offer ‘guidance’. 

Pension Wise has also developed a directory, but it only includes firms that offer ‘advice’.

Unbiased has the UK’s largest selection of financial advisers,pension experts, mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors.



Interested in unlocking the value in your house?

The decision to access some of the money in your house should not be taken lightly. We believe the best way to decide if this is right for you is by taking advice from a specialist.

If you don’t have an adviser who can help, you can find one by using Pick-AUnbiased or by accessing the member directory of the Equity Release Council.