Flexible Income Annuity funds

Please note that the Flexible Income Annuity is now closed to new business – Find out more

Your financial adviser will help you agree an investment strategy for your Flexible Income Annuity. This should meet your attitude to risk and help deliver the investment growth you need to maintain or increase your current income level.

From this page you can find details of:

There is a simple range of passive and active funds to choose from depending on what type of investor you are (cautious, balanced or adventurous). We work closely with our selected Fund Managers and review their performance on an ongoing basis to make sure we’ve got the right balance between risk and return on all our funds.

Passive funds - track the performance of an index. This tracking is largely automated, so it’s less expensive and passive funds tend to charge less.

Active funds - are managed by a specialist investment manager or team of specialists who have a certain amount of freedom over the specific investments they make. They use their knowledge and experience to try to beat the returns you could get by investing in passive funds.

Your financial adviser will be able to help you assess the funds most relevant to your individual circumstances.