Retirement Advantage products

Solutions for a comfortable retirement

Most people have two main sources of income in retirement - the money they’ve saved in pensions over the years, and the equity built up in their home.

We can help you make use of these assets to provide for a more comfortable retirement. 

Make the most of your pension savings

We have a range of solutions that can help:

  • Our Retirement Account can provide the security of a Guaranteed Annuity to cover your everyday living essentials. It also gives you the option of easy access to your pensions savings and opportunity for growth through Pension Drawdown funds - meaning you’re ready for life’s unexpected expenses and occasional treats. What's more, the account can provide the ability to leave money to loved ones.

 The Retirement Account             

Planning for retirement?

Our Retirement Planning help and guidance section has everything you need to help you plan for your future.

Retirement Account products

Release the equity in your home

Increasingly, people are using the equity that has built up in their home to help boost their income without having to move house. Our range of lifetime mortgages can be tailored to suit your individual needs:

  • Our Voluntary Select Options allow you to pay off some of the interest and capital each year, with greater flexibility over how much you can pay and when you can make the payments. 
  • Our Interest Select Options allow you to pay some or all of the interest each year (this means you can reduce the impact of interest roll-up).
  • Our Lifestyle Options don’t require you to repay anything at all during your lifetime.