Equity Release Calculator

You can use our Equity Release Calculator to find out how much equity you could release from your home with Retirement Advantage. 

Our products allow you to release money from your home. The cash that you release is tax-free and you continue to own your property. 

Our calculator will show the maximum amount you can borrow for each of our products, which are available on main residences, Buy-to-Let properties or second homes:

  • Our Lifestyle Options allow you to release cash from your home without having to make any repayments. Instead, the interest rolls up and is added to the mortgage balance each month.
  • Our Interest Select Options allow you to make regular monthly interest payments, so that you can reduce or eliminate the impact of interest roll-up. (Available for main residences only).
  • Our Voluntary Select Options allow you to make flexible repayments at your own convenience. You can choose to pay off some of the interest and the capital each year, and the maximum annual repayment is 10% or 15% of the inital loan amount, depending on the property type.
  • Our Prestige Options allow you to release cash from your home without making any repayments. They are high value lifetime mortgages for loans of over £250,000. (Available for main residences only)

Please confirm the property type before searching. If you would like the option to access additional borrowing without needing to have more financial advice, you can choose 'with cash reserve facility' for certain products. If you would like to have cashback at completion, you can choose 'with cashback' for certain products. Your adviser can talk to you about these options in more detail.

Please note that the minimum ages across our product range vary from 55 to 60. 

Borrowing Calculator

Our calculator will generate the maximum amount which can be borrowed for each of our products. All you need to do is enter the age of the youngest borrower and the estimated property value.

Please only enter numbers into the Property Value box (e.g. 250000).


The amount that you can borrow depends on your circumstances, which include your age and the value of your home. If there are two of you borrowing together, the amount available depends on the age of the younger borrower.

The above is is an approximate figure only. The amount that you can borrow may differ from the figure shown and will depend on our underwriting criteria. Your adviser will be able to provide you with a personalised illustration showing the amount you can borrow and overall costs, including the APR.

In order to gain an accurate value of your home, a professional independent valuer will be appointed by us.