Lifestyle Options

Our Lifestyle Options provide you with a tax-free, one-off cash payment that is yours to do whatever you like with.

Unlike our Interest Select and Voluntary Select products, you don't make any interest payments. Instead, the interest rolls-up and is added to the mortgage each month.


On our Lifestyle Platinum (Cashback) option, you receive a cashback of 3% of the initial loan amount. You can use this however you like, but it could be used to help pay for legal and advice fees. We also don't charge a completion fee for this product. 

Cash reserve facility

If you think that you might want to borrow more money in the future, you can add a cash reserve facility to your lifetime mortgage at the outset. This means that you can withdraw further funds, without having to take financial advice. Your financial adviser will be able to talk you through this in further detail.

This feature isn't available on Lifestyle Platinum (Cashback).



The interest rates on our Lifestyle Options are currently:

Product Monthly interest rate (MER) Annual interest rate (AER)
Lifestyle Lite 4.02% 4.09%
Lifestyle Gold 4.39% 4.48%
Lifestyle Gold Plus 5.45% 5.59%
Lifestyle Platinum 6.39% 6.58%
Lifestyle Platinum (Cashback) 6.67% 6.88%

To find out more information about what a lifetime mortgage is, and for further details about our products, you can download our Guide to Equity Release.

To see how you can use both your property and your pension to get the most out of your retirement, you can also download a copy of our Home Truths report.