The Retirement Account

Certainty, flexibility and simplicity for life

Drawdown funds

The Retirement Account offers a range of investment choices, including an option of both passive and actively managed funds. These funds may invest your money in shares, bonds, property and other financial investments. The mix of assets in the fund will determine the balance between the potential risk and reward. 

Your financial adviser will discuss your investment preferences with you and select funds that match the type of investor you are.

We’ve made it straight forward for you and your financial adviser to select the right fund, or combination of funds.

When choosing how to use their pension pot at retirement, some people want to guarantee a secure income for life. Others want to access their money, or invest it for growth. When it comes to your pension pot, it’s your decision. At Retirement Advantage we believe in the value of independent advice at retirement, so we insist that every customer sees a financial adviser

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