The Retirement Account

Certainty, flexibility and simplicity for life

Are you eligible ?

To qualify for The Retirement Account you must be at least 55 and no older than 85 (there is no maximum if you choose the Pension Drawdown or Pension Savings options only).

You and your financial adviser may need to provide us with some information about your health and lifestyle as part of your application. We will then provide you with a personally tailored quote, to get you the highest level of guaranteed income.

To invest in the Retirement Account you need a minimum of £20,000 in pension funds after any tax-free cash has been paid to you and any initial fee has been paid to your financial adviser. You must also be a resident in the UK when you apply, and when the policy starts.

For full details of The Retirement Account, and other important information, please refer to The Retirement Account Key Features booklet.

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