The Retirement Account

Certainty, flexibility and simplicity for life

Everything in one place

Instead of having to choose between a Guaranteed Annuity, Pension Savings and Pension Drawdown, The Retirement Account allows you to combine one, two or even all three in the same place.

You can choose to have the security of a Guaranteed Annuity to cover your everyday living essentials such as food and utility bills. It also gives you the option of easy access and opportunity for growth of your Pension Drawdown funds - meaning you’re ready for life’s unexpected expenses and occasional treats.

Or you can simply set your money aside as Pension Savings until such time as you want to start taking benefits. However the value of investments can go down as well as up. All parts of the account can provide the ability to leave money to loved ones.

* To have Pension Savings you must also hold a minimum investment in Pension Drawdown.

The Retirement Account flowchart

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