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What is Guaranteed Annuity?

When you retire, you need to make sure you have enough money to last the rest of your life.  


What is Drawdown?

Pension Drawdown gives you more control over your savings and you can access your money whenever you want.

What are Pension Savings? 

A pot of money that can be invested for growth until you need it. 

Everything in one place

The Retirement Account allows you to combine Guaranteed Annuity, Pension Savings and Pension Drawdown to suit your needs. 

Investment funds

You’ll need to choose investment funds that are right for you. Your financial adviser will help you do this. 

Passing on your legacy

Both parts of The Retirement Account can provide the ability to leave money to loved ones.


Meet Jeremy

Jeremy requires a regular income, the ability to withdraw small cash amounts and leave a legacy for his loved ones.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca requires a top to her existing state pension and the ability to draw money whenever she wants. 

Are you eligible?

Check to see our qualifying factors for The Retirement Account. 

Getting financial advice

It's important to us you find a trusted experienced adviser to discuss your options 

The Retirement Account at a glance

Summary of the features The Retirement Account can offer.