The Retirement Account

Certainty, flexibility and simplicity for life

The Retirement Account at a glance

The choice of how much of your money is invested in Pension Saving, Pension Drawdown and how much will purchase a Guaranteed Annuity.

The ability to take up to 25% of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum, with complete freedom to do what you like with the rest.


The ability to pass on money to your loved ones. What’s left in your Pension Drawdown or Pension Savings can be passed on to whoever you wish. If you choose the option to protect some or all of the income in your Guaranteed Annuity, that can be passed on too.


The flexibility to change your Pension Drawdown and Guaranteed Annuity income levels according to your lifestyle and financial planning needs.


The flexibility to alter your account as time goes by. For example, you may put all of your money in Pension Drawdown initially, but then gradually move funds to the Guaranteed Annuity as you get older.


The ability to take out lump sums from your Pension Drawdown whenever you want, to top up your guaranteed income, or for those unexpected times when a little extra money is needed.


A range of thoroughly researched funds which you can invest in according to your preference at any time.

RA_Still_05-WEB Tax planning features that can help you and your beneficiaries manage how much income you receive and how much income tax you pay throughout your retirement.

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The Retirement Account provides certainty, flexibility and simplicity for life.

We have produced an informative, yet easy to read customer brochure which fully explains all of the main features that this account could benefit you in retirement.