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What is Pension Drawdown?

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Pension Drawdown gives you more control over your savings. You can choose to take a regular income and have unrestricted access to your money. Put simply, you allocate your money, with the aid of your financial adviser to funds which gives your pot of money a chance to grow and counter the effect of inflation.

However, there is the potential risk of your investments not performing as well as hoped. If you put all of your money into Pension Drawdown you risk running out of money if your income or withdrawals are in excess of fund growth. It’s difficult to budget when you don’t know how long you’re going to live.

The Retirement Account offers a range of investment choices, including an option of both passive and actively managed funds. These funds may invest your money in shares, bonds, property and other financial investments. The mix of assets in the fund will determine the balance between the potential risk and reward. The same range of funds are available to both Pension Drawdown and Pension Savings options but you can choose to invest in different funds for each part if you wish.

If at a later stage you decide to move some of your money from Pension Savings to Pension Drawdown then the funds you selected for Pension Savings will continue to be used unless you instruct us otherwise.

Your financial adviser will discuss your investment preferences with you and select funds that match the type of investor you are. 

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