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What is a drawdown pension?

Drawdown gives you full access to your pension savings through funds that are invested in shares, bonds, property and other financial investments.    


Is pension drawdown taxable?

With help from a financial adviser, you can control the tax you pay on income from pension drawdown. The first 25% of your pension funds withdrawn are tax-free.


What is Equity Release?

Equity Release allows you to release some of the money, or equity, in your home and can be used to help supplement your pension income or pay off your existing mortgage.


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Your income

Your income

Managing your income will be critical in maintaining your desired lifestyle in retirement.  In this section we provide help with questions such as ‘What is an annuity?’, ‘What is a drawdown pension?’ and ‘What is Equity Release?’.

Retirement income

Annuities: guaranteed retirement income

Pension Drawdown: flexible retirement income

Equity release: access the value in your home

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At Retirement Advantage we known how important it is for you to review all aspects that could affect your retirement options - that's why we have various tools for you to use, to aid you in your discussions with your financial adviser

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Our products

Whether you’re approaching retirement or you’ve been retired for some years, we can help - find out more about our products  


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Guaranteed Annuity documents - 

Please note that our standalone Guaranteed Annuity was closed to new business in March 2018. Customers with existing Guaranteed Annuity policies will not be affected.

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Flexible Income Annuity documents - 

Please note that the Flexible Income Annuity was closed to new business in September 2016. 

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