10 best things to do during retirement

10 best things to do during retirement

For many of us, retirement means a lot more free time to do the things we love – whether that's seeing the world, spending more time in the garden or simply seeing more of our friends and family.

Travel abroad

From Route 66 to the Costa del Sol, the world's your oyster. Some retirees focus on a couple of big bucket list destinations per year, while others load up the campervan and spend half their retirement on the move.


Volunteering for your local charities can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling way to spend your post-working life. It can be a chance to support causes that have always been close to you, while making new friends and contacts.


Follow an Open University course, take evening classes, or even pursue a Master's degree – if academia was your passion in your working life, you might find a satisfying niche as a research assistant at a local university.

Visit friends

Over a lifetime, our oldest friends tend to end up scattered all over the country – which can make it hard to visit them while juggling a job and family. The good news is that retirement gives you plenty of time to visit and catch up.

Take up a new hobby

Photography, music, games, sports, arts and crafts – there's a whole world of hobbies out there that can enrich your time and connect you with new friends and places. Or if you have an existing passion in life, now could the time to make it a full-time pastime.

Spend more time with family

Spending quality time with children and grandchildren is, for many people, the greatest highlight of retirement. Looking after the grandkids from time to time will also give Mum and Dad some much-needed time to themselves!

Get a pet

The time constraints of working life can make it hard to justify keeping an animal friend about the house. Once you're retired, though, a pet can offer love, companionship - and a great way to stay active.

Write a book

You've a lifetime of experience to look back on – why not channel some of that knowledge into a book? Whether it's a work of fiction or a compilation of recipes for future generations of your family to enjoy, writing offers a way to pass on your experiences to others.

Start a business

For some people, retirement means the end of working for other people – and the chance to be their own boss. From buying and selling on eBay to launching a brand-new product, starting a business can be a rewarding – and lucrative – way to spend your retirement.

Get busy in the garden

It may sound like a cliché, but retirement can be an opportunity to finally really put in the hours in in the garden and turn it into the space you've always dreamed of. Growing your own fruit and veggies, building a water feature, planting your

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