Guaranteed Annuity

A secure income

To make sure your lifestyle needs are comfortably met throughout your retirement, it’s important to secure a regular income.

Whether you’re currently healthy, or you have a medical condition, or lead a lifestyle that means your life expectancy may be shorter than average, we can help you choose an annuity that offers you the best possible income for your circumstances.

Why buy an annuity when you can have a Retirement Account Annuity?

If you are thinking of buying a Guaranteed Annuity then why not consider taking it through The Retirement Account? You get the same pension payout as you would through a standalone Retirement Advantage Guaranteed Annuity.

 The Retirement Account             

Do annuities offer value for money?

If you define value as the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll receive a guaranteed income for the rest of your life, then annuities do provide excellent value.

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If you measure value as the investment return on your money, then there are potentially higher returns to be had from other forms of investment (click here for more information).

Planning for retirement?

Our Retirement Planning help and guidance section has everything you need to help you plan for your future.


If I’m suffering from a serious medical condition why shouldn’t I take 100% cash?

Often life-expectancy is uncertain, even for terminal conditions. For example, out of 100 people diagnosed with colon cancer 24 will die within the first 12 months, but 57 will still be alive after 10 years*. 

What’s more, if you should die early you can arrange for the original purchase price to be paid to your beneficiaries (minus payments made to the date of death). And if you die before 75 there’s no Inheritance Tax payable.

For all these reasons, our Guaranteed Annuity can equip you for a better retirement.

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*Cancer Research UK